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Stretch the Sac

The Physics.

The Physics of the Ball

The center of a man's body is the hardest area on planet earth to shave. The pockets by the shaft and sac present a difficult region to get a close shave. The underside of the scrotum near the taint is impossible given its sag and expansive space. Using the ManscapeBall a man can locate the ball using 3 different positions to stretch the sac and provide a firm background for a close shave.


Here are the standard positions for application of the ball.

Hotel 1

Position 1

Middle Finger Sac Stretch

Hotel 2

Position 2

Thumb Sac Lift

Hotel 3

Position 3

Pointer Finger Sac Detail


  • A Manscapeball is a ball used to shave a man's balls.

  • Just like how a yoga ball is used to stretch a human back, a Manscapeball is used to stretch a man's sac. Once stretched, the skin is taut and is easy to shave, with a lower risk of cutting the skin.

  • Manscapeball is designed with a finger hole so that a user can easliy manuever the sac while also holding the ball. This allows for dynamic sac stretching while also trimming the pubic hair.

  • Manscapeball is made of antifungal rubber, so cleaning it is a breeze. Simply wash with soap and water, dry it, and place it in your storage tin for your next shaving session.

  • You can buy your Manscapeball by choosing your package below.

Buy Balls

Three different packages for your package.

1 Manscapeball

  • 1 Manscapeball
  • 1 Storage Tin
  • 1 Smooth Sack
  • 2 Happy Balls

2 Manscapeballs

  • 2 Manscapeballs
  • 2 Storage Tins
  • 2 Smooth Sacks
  • 4 Happy Balls

3 Manscapeballs

  • 3 Manscapeballs
  • 3 Storage Tins
  • 3 Smooth Sacks
  • 6 Happy Balls

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